DLL ("Dynamic-Link Library") is a special type of Windows files that have dll extension, such files can contain data, resources and, most often, code. The main intended use of these libraries is to provide programs with data/functions which these applications initially lack.

One and the same ".dll" file can be used by multiple programs at the same point of time. Therein lies another key feature of DLL-libraries.

DLL Helper — is a software intended for DLL libraries (.dll) and ActiveX(.ocx) controls downloading. DLL Helper is intuitive and easy to use.

If you need to download the library of a specific version/bitness, you can use the "Advanced mode". Once the Advanced mode is enabled, all the versions of the DLL/OCX files available for download will be displayed on the screen. You just need to select the file and click "Install DLL"

Please kindly note that the DLL Helper developers will not be liable for possible malfunctions of the operating system, applications, drivers, etc. caused by the installed DLL library. Before downloading it is best to make sure that the libraries are compatible with the version and bitness of Windows and/or the application/driver the DLL-file is downloaded for.

All the available libraries in DLL Helper are scanned by the third party antivirus software VirusTotal.

Registration of DLL-files is needed so that user or applications can access a DLL-library in order to launch and perform their functions. As a matter of fact, registration of a DLL-file is a creation of registry entries that contain information about a DLL-library.

When you start a software that uses the DLL, the application accesses the registry, finds a path to the needed library, and then performs its functions. If registration of the library fails, then the application that needs that library might display an error about missing DLL-files.

In order to register a DLL-library you need to open Run command, in order to do so press and hold the Windows key then press R

At the command prompt, enter the following:

regsvr32.exe <path to the DLL-library>

If the registration of the library is possible, then you will see a message indicating that the file was successfully registered.

If you see an error like "The module was loaded but the entry-point was not found", then the registered library is either cannot be registered, or it is corrupt, or it is not a DLL-file at all.

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